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Archived Prize Categories

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Orbs allow you to modify every challenge in the next batch of mystery boxes by choosing an option.


Volume 1




  1. Prismatic Orb (Choose a color.)
  2. Orb of Power (Choose a P/T.)
  3. Opaque Orb (Choose a rarity.)
  4. Complex Orb (Choose a difficulty.)
  5. Misshapen Orb (Choose a type.)
  6. Celestial Orb (Create a challenge.)
  7. Sporatic Orb (Choose a cost.)
  8. Picturesque Orb (Choose artwork.)
  9. Estranged Orb (Choose a name.)
  10. Orb of Calling (Choose a subtype.)


Orbs were created to slightly increase the difficulty and variability of mystery challenges while allowing for a fun way to include you in the process.


Negotiations allow you and me to pick and choose some things together. Sometimes I'll give you a choice, and sometimes you'll give me the choice. When you receive one of the prizes below, i'll randomly select 1-5... you'll get that many choice. Then I'll select 1-5 randomly again, and we'll select that many.


Volume 1





  1. Mood Ring (Modes)
  2. Jukebox (Songs)
  3. Pawn (Prize)



Negotiations offered a chance to have your choice of something, thus giving you a say in the mystery boxes.

Dueling Prizes

Dueling prizes allow you personally to duel others or select two cardsmiths to partake in a single duel. They do impact Leaderboards.




Volume 1






  1. Champions' Pendant (Duel the winner of the last deadline.)
  2. Fools' Gold (Two cardsmiths duels.)
  3. Dueling Boots (Duel a cardsmith in a best of 1-3-5-7)
  4. Dueling Armor (Duel a cardsmith with your existing entries.)




These were all created to better the odds of participating in a duel. More may be added with time to increase the odds.


Pearls are favorites on specific cards in your collection. Right now, only mythic rarities are included in pearls and are distinguished by searchable filters on the website.


Volume 1




  1. Green
  2. Red
  3. Blue
  4. Black
  5. White
  6. Split
  7. Hybrid
  8. Gold
  9. Colorless
  10. Artifact
  11. Colorless
  12. Planeswalker
  13. Instant/Sorcery
  14. Enchantment
  15. Land



Pearls were added to the mystery box prize list in an effort to maintain the proportion of favorites in the master list. I discovered how easy it was to search for specific types of cards within a collection and wanted to reward mythic rare creations, since they are the least oftenly created rarity.


Coins were a 50/50 method of either favoriting -or- destroying all cards of a certain type. I'll flip the coin and you'll call heads or tails and choose one of the options below. If you win the flip, they get favorited, but if you lose the flip, they get destroyed. Destroying cards has since been replaced with slapping them.









  1. Gold Coin (Multicolored, non-Hybrid entries)
  2. Green Coin (Mono-green entries)
  3. White Coin (Mono-white entries)
  4. Red Coin (Mono-red entries)
  5. Blue Coin (Mono-blue entries)
  6. Black (Mono-black entries)
  7. Rusty (Hybrid entries)
  8. Silver (Colorless entries)



Coins were created after Roses to increase, yet again, the chances of destroying things or favoriting them. This challenges your luck and "if it was ment to be."

Legacy Prizes

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Volume 1 prizes should be gone forever. Some were fun! Here's a select list of prizes.


  1. Favorites
  2. Negotiations
  3. Entries
  4. Misc
  5. Items
  6. Community
  7. ?
  8. ?
  9. ?
  10. ?


Multi Prizes

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0While Misc prizes don't seem to fall into any specific category, MULTI prizes seem to fall into multiple categories.


  1. Zombies (Each part of a card is a zombie. Take out as many zombies as you can!)
  2. Discord Art Gallery Challenge (Gambit, Duel, Moshpit, Draft)
  3. Quest Journal (Gambit, Duel, Moshpit - Go on your own adventure of 3-5 cards, equipped with a short story along with it. 2-3 sentences per card.)
  4. The Dungeon (A series of random modes for you to do solo.)
  5. Threes (1-vs-1-vs-1 = First to 2 wins new prize.)
  6. ?
  7. ?
  8. ?
  9. ?
  10. ?



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Turn a glyph into your own prize.


  1. Glyph of Hileandr - Reroll: (Cash this in to replace one of your mystery challenges with a new one.)
  2. Glyph of Cadstar - 
  3. ?
  4. ?
  5. ?


Modal Prizes

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Modal prizes consist of:


  • Special Challenges
  • Duels
  • Moshpits
  • Deadline Modifiers
  • Drafts

Some dueling prizes are kept separate from this list since those are specific to duels. The same is true of draft prizes. I classify the rest of the mode prizes as modal prizes because they act as umbrella prizes. Basically each prize has its own theme, but the chosen mode is the result of a random roll from among some or all of the modes listed above, depending on the theme. All possible modes that could result are listed with each prize.

Discovered modal prizes

Volume 2
  1. Blog Challenge (Choose Gambit, Duel, Moshpit, or Draft: Commander Card for this months blog)
  2. Face Card (Duel jpastor)
  3. Name Game (Choose Gambit, Duel, or Moshpit: A challenge to create a card with a certain name.)
  4. Relic (A duel or moshpit with old cards.)
  5. Modal Prizes (Modifier - Single Elimination batch)
  6. Anonymity Calamity (Each player secretly submits their entry to me without publishing. I put the entries on a voting form. Community votes for winner.)
  7. Temple Ruins (All mystery boxes the remainder of the deadline will be missing random words.)
  8. Special Edition Mystery Boxes (Modifier - jpastor's favorite challenges)
  9. Improvised Advisements (Choose Solo Challenge, Duel, Moshpit, Modifier - Mystery Challenges are hand crafted for each cardsmith.)
  10. Cardsmiths Aggravate Humanity (Solo, Duel, Moshpit, Draft - CAH White cards)
  11. Dinner Roles (Modifier - Mystery Challenges will becomes a role in a sidestory the remainder of the deadline.)
  12. Futuresight (Modifier - The next batch becomes duels/moshpits)
  13. Most Popular (Duel - Most Popular Cards)
  14. Corwinnn's Cache (Solo, Duel, Moshpit, Draft - Squirreltopia)
  15. Snake (Modifier - Cumulative Story)
  16. Wanna Play a Game? (Single elimination batch)
  17. Rain Check (Single elimination deadline tournament)
  18. Pauper's Treasure (Solo, Duel, Moshpit, Modifier - Commons only) 
  19. Lyric Challenge (Solo, Duel, Moshpit - Song lyrics)
  20. ?
  21. ?
  22. ?
  23. ?
  24. ?
  25. ?

Volume 1
  1. Artificial Intelligence - Challenge, Duel, Moshpit, Modifier (Artwork)
  2. Music Box - Challenge, Duel, Moshpit, Modifier (Music)
  3. Diamond Hunt - Moshpit, Modifier (Moshpits)
  4. Mot du Jour - Challenge, Duel, Moshpit (Word)
  5. Limited Prize - Modifier (Only X Prizes)
  6. Art for the Card - Duel, Moshpit, Modifier (Cardsmiths give the artwork.)
  7. String - Duel, Moshpit, Modifier (1-challenge)
  8. Turnbuckle - Modifier (Duels)
  9. Cardsmiths Against Humanity (Activate this any time to kickstart one of four Cardsmiths Against Humanity modes: Your choice of Duel, Moshpit, Modifier, or Solo Challenge.)
  10. Scenic Views (Cash this in to receive a photography solo challenge.)
  11. Casual Causality (Non-modal prizes only the remainder of the deadline.)
  12. Spotlight (Your choice of a deadline modification or solo challenge; entry or entries will be cards other than your own.)
  13. Limited Art (Only X artworks.)
  14. Antique (p. 1-100 challenge)
  15. Tumult (An extremely difficult challenge.)
  16. Un (Solo Challenge, Duel, Moshpit)
  17. This or That (Modifier; x2 options for all)
  18. Limited Challenge (Modifier; X-challenges)
  19. Book of Everything (Solo Challenge: p. 1-100 of discussions)
  20. Gearhulk Apparatus - Solo Challenge, Duel, Moshpit, Modifier (Mechanix)
  21. Winner Takes All Duel, Moshpit (Prizes) 
  22. Quest - Modifier (Entries earn points redeemable for prizes.)
  23. Yro's DWM - Modifier (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Challenges)
  24. Wagonwheel - Challenge, Duel, Moshpit (Pre-mystery box discussion)
  25. Chimes - Challenge, Duel, Moshpit (Song clips)
  26. Sappy's Art of the Challenge (Modifier - Cardsmiths provide artwork for next challenge.)
  27. Tasks (Converts mystery challenges into mystery tasks the remainder of the deadline.)
  28. Top Deck - Modifier (Converts mystery challenges for the remainder of the deadline to one shared challenge each day.)
  29. Short Fuse (All inventory prizes must be used.)
  30. Weather Change (A Modification to the mystery challenges.)


Nobody wants to do the same old format for months and years. That's why we have modes, prizes that allow you to choose what we are doing next, but in an organized and easy to follow format.

Prizes for Prizes

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These prizes give you access to more prizes!

Discovered prizes for prizes

Volume 2


  1. Cadstar's Keychain (2-5 random keys)
  2. déjà vu (Your box becomes your previous box.)
  3. Shady Deal (Swap a prize in your inventory for 2 random prizes.)
  4. A friendly game of (a game with jpastor)
  5. Glitterbomb (sac X entries for X prizes)
  6. ?
  7. ?
  8. ?
  9. ?
  10. ?


 Volume 1

  1. Lucky Key (Guarantees a prize in the box it is used to open.)
  2. Rusty Key (Guarantees a non-modal prize in the box it is used to open.)
  3. Scratchie (Choose 10 prize #'s. You get 1 at random.)
  4. Shiny Chalice (P.1-100 Random Prize)
  5. Golden Key (Guarantees a modal prize in the box it is used to open.)
  6. Ruby (Any prize from this page up to this point.)
  7. Energy Crystal (Doubles contents of next prize.)
  8. Discovery (Discover and receive a new prize.)
  9. Equation (Choose two prize #'s.)
  10. Briber's Satchel (Trade X favorites for choice of prize from among X prizes.)
It's really nice to hit a jackpot at the slot machines!


Prizes for Entries

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Prizes for entries are prizes that give you flexibility with your mystery challenge or bonus challenges without activating a mode to do so, all of which help you boost your entry count more quickly.

Discovered prizes for entries

 Volume 2


  1. Pinata (3-5 challenges in order, each easier than the prequel.)
  2. What's Wrong with That Card? (Create and fix a random card.)
  3. Family Platter (20 challenges in 24 hours)
  4. ?
  5. ?


 Volume 1

  1. Treasure Map (You'll go on adventure with 3-5 mystery challenges.)
  2. Extra Credit (Submit a card from another contest.)
  3. BOGO (2-for-1 mystery boxes the remainder of the deadlne)
  4. Ancient Gem (Submit any old card.)
  5. Giant Magnet (You get every mystery box in this batch.)
  6. Buy One Get One Free (2-for-1 mystery box)
  7. Madman's Glasses (2 challenge options the rest of the deadline.
  8. Double Cheeseburger (Submit 2 cards instead of one.)
  9. Encounter (1-5 entries)
  10. Adventure (1-5 entries in sequence)


These were all created to reward your efforts by making your challenges easier to fulfill or to allow non-Mystery Box cards to enter the mix.

Misc Prizes

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These prizes fall into no specific category whatsoever.

Discovered misc prizes

Volume 2


  1. Joystick (Choose your difficulty.)
  2. Listerine (Add 1-5 song/movie to a list.)
  3. Crossbones (Winner = Invitational Qualification)
  4. Scribing Device (New judging criteria this deadline)
  5. ?
  6. ?
  7. ?
  8. ?
  9. ?
  10. ?


 Volume 1

  1. Bag of Gemstones (Feedback on 1-5 cards.)
  2. Lucky Rabbit Foot (Unlimited reshuffles.)
  3. Stone of Creation (Any new entry you want.)
  4. Invitational Qualification
  5. AEther Vial (Experimental Challenge/Prize)
  6. DJ Credentials (Add 1-5 songs.)
  7. Two Cookies (2 challenge options for this mystery box)
  8. Dark Matter Crystal (Ends the deadline.)
  9. Reshuffle (A single reshuffle.)
  10. Random Event (Spontaneous creation of an event.)
  11. Reverse (Challenge me.)
  12. Spectacles (x2 options for you the remainder of the deadline.)
  13. Timepiece (Sets the deadline's end in 1-5 days.)
  14. Voting Credentials (Choose your top 5 for the deadline.)
  15. Silver Plaque (Hall of Fame)
  16. Microphone (Rename a prize)
  17. Planet Coaster (Challenge me!)

Community Prizes

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Community prizes are prizes that allow you to interact with other cardsmiths, sometimes outside of the mystery box discussion. These prizes are most often used for good, but some might involve unwarrented misfortune.

Discovered community prizes

Volume 2


  1. Freaky Friday (You and target mystery boxer may trade any unused prizes and incomplete mystery challenges with one another.)
  2. ?
  3. ?
  4. ?
  5. ?


 Volume 1

  1. Teddy Bear (Gift a mystery box to another cardsmith.)
  2. Sculpture (I'll create a card named after you.)
  3. Slap (1-3 entries of your choice... their creator can submit a new card for the same challenge.)
  4. Fools' Gold (Name two cardsmiths. They duel.)
  5. Golden Plaque (Winner of deadline gets HALL OF FAME mention.)

These prizes all allow interaction outside of the Mystery Box community in an effort to draw in more participants.

Premium Prizes

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Premium prizes are the most sought after prizes or ones that cost me money. When you receive a premium prize, you have the option to accept it or decline it. If you decline the prize, you'll default to the Wildcard premium prize, which allows you to choose any non-premium you'd like. 

Discovered premium prizes

Volume 2


  1. Jadefire's Jostle (You may challenge the current 1st place in each Cardsmith Division to separate duels or invite all of them to a single moshpit. The winner of each duel gets a prize; or the winner of the moshpit gets a premium prize.)
  2. Deathstone (Any nonpremium Volume 1 prize.)
  3. Broadcast Feature (Twitch stream.)
  4. Legacy (Volume 1.)
  5. Mastermind (Match jpastor's judging = 1-5 prizes)
  6. Mystery Crate (Prestige benefits)
  7. All-in Bundle (X prizes of choice = deadline points earned)
  8. ?
  9. ?
  10. ?


Volume 1

  1. Wildcard (Non-premium prize of your choice.)
  2. Angelstone (Premium prize to deadline winner.)
  3. Featured Card (Card of your choice for the monthly Mystery Box feature.)
  4. Avatar (The custom earnable mystery box avatar.)
  5. Godspell (Any prize you'd like.)
  6. Skeleton Key (Guarantees a premium prize in the box it opens.)
  7. Infinity Shard (All prizes on this page.)
  8. Jadefire Special (2-5 prizes)
  9. $ Prize (Sticker, Premium, or Playmat)
  10. Blog Feature (A feature on


Premium Prizes are my ultimate prizes. I've worked hard to attain certain prizes that are unique to the Mystery Box discussion. Enjoy these!


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Favorites on your cards

Discovered Favorites:

Volume 2


  1. Herbal Supplements (X prizes ~> 2X favorites)
  2. Eyemask (X favorites = # favorites you've given since deadline start)
  3. Fireworks (favorites on winning CSL cards)
  4. ?


Volume 1

  1. Stocks and Bonds (On each entry you submit until the end of the deadline.)
  2. Viral Uploads (On each entry submitted before the next batch.)
  3. Donuts (1-5 favorites)
  4. Board Wipe (All entries favorited)
  5. Report Card (On each likeable entry you've submitted this deadline.)
Favorites were created on day 1 of the mystery challenges as a way to reward your efforts. Many variations of the original 10 (1-5 of choice/my choice) have been added in an effort to keep the proportion of favorites rewarded relatively high.